Cold Whisper - Wildest Days

Today I released the next song of my "Time Capsule” album, called "Wildest Days”:

Again, here’s a list of things I/we used:

  • Audio interfaces:
    • Behringer UPhoria 404HD for guitars
    • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for vocals
  • Used microphones:
    • we stayed with the SM-57. From all mics we have, this one just sounds best on her voice.
  • MusE: for MIDI sequencing (drums, bass, clean guitar tracks)
  • Ardour 6.9: for recording, cutting, mixing, and mastering
  • Drums: DrumGizmo + The Aasimonster
  • Bass and clean guitars: based on the Fender Jazz Bass, Ibanez, and Gibson Les Paul soundfonts I created a while ago (see the Your creations Polyphone Soundfonts forum)
  • Rhythm and Lead Guitars: played with my Gibson Les Paul
  • Presonus FaderPort: to record the automation lane for the GxWahWah plugin
  • Used Plugins:
    • mostly Calf and LSP (parametric EQs, compressors)
    • Guitarix (Gx Studio Preamp, GxAmplifier-X, Tube Screamer, GxWahWah)

For the vocal recording we tried to use a little stage monitor instead of headphones for the playback this time. We’ll probably do this more often now, since she says that she feels more comfortable this way.

Tricks how to reduce cross-talk:

  1. play around with speaker and microphone placement (and room treatment, if available)
  2. do the playback as loud as necessary, but also as quiet as possible
  3. if 1 and 2 is not enough, try to do an “empty” take, with the singer standing at the same spot, but not singing anything. Then take this empty track, invert it, and add it to the selected vocal snippets during cutting or mixing. Although not perfect, it’s quite easy to do and cuts down the cross-talk noticeable.

Thanks and regards.


A great production, excellent work!

This might be the best usage of the Aasimonster I’ve heard yet, great mix, vox and guitar work!

This might be the best usage of the Aasimonster I’ve heard yet

Thanks. When I started with the Time Capsule album, I did a shoot-out between the Aasimonster and the Muldjord kit. I’m not saying, that the Muldjord kit is bad, I just liked the Aasimonster more for what I think I needed and decided to go with it for the whole album.
But for reasons I can’t remember, I didn’t have the Crocell kit on the radar, which is my preferred kit these days…