Cold Whisper - Walking On

Today I released the next song of my “Time Capsule” album, called “Walking On”:

Things I used:

  • Audio interfaces:
    • Behringer UPhoria 404HD for guitars and maracas
    • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for vocals
  • Used microphones:
    • MXL-990 and an SM-57 for the acoustic guitar
    • CM25 MkIII for the main vocals
    • SM-57 for the backing vocals
  • MusE: for MIDI sequencing (drums, bass, synths)
  • Ardour 6.9: for recording, cutting, mixing, and mastering
  • Drums: DrumGizmo + The Aasimonster
  • Bass: based on the Fender Jazz Bass sf2 soundfont I created a while ago (see the Your creations Polyphone Soundfonts forum)
  • Acoustic guitar: played with a 3/4 Ortega nylon string guitar
  • Clean, Rhythm and Lead Guitars: played with my Gibson Les Paul
  • ZynAddSubFX using the following presets:
    • pad synth: Sweep Pad 4
    • lead synth: Synth Pad 3
  • Used Plugins:
    • mostly Calf and LSP (parametric EQs, compressors)
    • Guitarix (Gx Studio Preamp, GxAmplifier-X, GxRat, GxZita_rev1)

Lessions learned:

  • For the backing vocals, we tried to do the playback via a monitor speaker instead of headphones. It looks like she feels more comfortable this way, so we will try to do this also when recording the main vocals for the next song.
  • To reduce cross-talk, we tried the SM-58 instead of the CM25 (dynamic instead of condenser). But eventually it turned out, that the 57 sounded much better on her voice than the 58. So it’s true: Never underestimate an SM-57 for vocals. :smile:


Thanks and regards.


WOW! great production, bass sounds so realistic I can’t believe is a sf2!


When comparing with the song “Full Throttle” (from the same album): in the beginning and in the quiet middle section the bass is almost solo. There you definitely should hear that the bass is “fake”, because sliding noises, string rattling, and all those little nuances are missing that would be there in the performance of a real bass player…


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Nice vocals and chorus, and arrangement :sunglasses: :love_you_gesture:


Fun fact: the drums and bass break after the first chorus (which gives the beginning of the second verse more space) didn’t exist about 2 hours before I released the song. :smile:
(songwriting trick: sometimes a song becomes more interesting by removing things…)

Great sound / arrangement ! Congratulations !

Excellent ! really nice tune !
Love the vocals (lead and backing)
Drums sound really good ! Well done !

I think you could get an even better lead guitar sound. It feels a little “thin”, missing air, like you can feel it’s not really being played via a real amp/cab. Maybe a different cab sim or IR ?

Anyway the song’s great ! Congratulations !