Cold Whisper - Take It Away

Today I released the next song of my “Time Capsule” album, called “Take It Away”:

  • Audio interface (for vocal and guitar recording): Behringer UPhoria 404HD
  • MusE: for MIDI sequencing (drums, bass, clean guitars, synths)
  • Ardour (still on 5.12): for recording, cutting, mixing, and mastering
  • Drums: DrumGizmo + The AasiMonster drumkit
  • Used Plugins:
    • mostly Calf and LSP (parametric EQs, compressors)
    • Guitarix (Gx-Amplifier, GxMXR Distortion, GxTubeScreamer, GxWah, GxZita_rev1)

Thanks and regards.

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