I tried Ardour for the first time, when I bought a cheap box PC with Linspire OS
pre-installed. They had a software service called CNR ( click and run ), where I
with a CNR-client on my system, could pick-up lots of applications and packages,
and get it automaticly installed. I got Ardour, Jack, Jamin and Hydrogen op and
run in no time, and as I was new to Linux, it was a very positive experience.
Today Linspire ( and their free version Freespire), has further developed their
software distribution system into CNR.COM and now have support for other
Linux OS , including Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Debian, Feodora and openSUSE.

It´s possible for application projects like Ardour to publish their lastest version
to CNR.COM for free, and it support good information descriptions.

Thought this could be of interest to the Ardour project, as it could make instal-
lation more easy for people new to Linux, and it could also ease the serverload.

I run Ardour on Mac PPC and it´s great the AU plug-ins work now.

Thanks to all.

Here is how Ardour appear on CNR.COM as today.

It´s version 0.99