Clunky audio on playback

hello users,
I have just downloaded Ardour to try it out, so I am very new to it.
I have Jack running and Ardour loads. I can import wav files in, but when I play them back they are very clunky. I have tried increase the latency, but to no avail. This is probable something pretty straight forward, so any help would be apreciated.
All the best,
Chris S

How are you starting jack?

If you have qjackctl installed (Gui for starting jack) go te setup and there you will see Periods/Buffer, but apart of all this, a bit info on all your hardware specs would really help.

Apart form upping the latency I suggest you try running on 3 periods and not 2 and see how it goes (assuming you are running on 2).

Hello Lincoln,
Periods? You’ve lost me.