Closing the comment section when it is inactive

there’s valuable information on many Q&A for ardour on the forum, I wonder why there’s arbitrary-set expiration times set for them, some for 1 month, others 6 months, etc… I find this particular topic I think pretty helpful. just wondering why that is if nobody minds me asking…

There has been a lot of necroposting lately. If you start a new topic, discourse suggests to rather reply to an existing one. The heuristics are not favorable with Ardour’s long history and some long invalid, outdated posts have been revived.

Keep in mind that “close” only means that commenting on a particular subject is no longer possible. The content won’t go away.

For new posts, the default expiry time is currently 6 month after the last reply. Except for posts in the “uncategorized” and “site feedback” categories (or topics starting out there) those are closed after 1 month.

Topics in the Made With Ardour category will never expire. You can comment on oldies any time.

I think we should shorten time even further: Focus on the discussion of a given subject for a shorter time-span, and then close the discussion. for example closes topics 14 days after the last reply. If need be a new topic can be created.

I think 2 weeks is too short for Ardour’s forum though.


That’s a good feature… other places should also have this feature… it gets annoying to have people who just come to complain on something years later XD

** topic was re-moved to here – another convenient thing to have for discourse in the making…

other than this, I’d say it would be great if there was bugreporting capability with discourse… here I’ve used dull bugtrackers for years and they’re all discouraging and “ugly”, … an integration of bugreports in another section imho can possibly help encourage bugreporting as things like screenshots are supported… there’s also interesting plugins to support such a cause ( ) – such as ones with ‘Solved’, ‘Topic Voting’ and ‘Checklist’…

It would be nice to have a topic-voting list capability added but I can also see that being used too much as well so it’s probably not something too inviting, but a bugreporting capability imho would be something I would welcome on here. I’m kind of sick of the dull text-only bugtracking webforms, there should be something more modern in this day of age.

thanks for informing me on this – makes a little more sense as to why it says the topic will close in a certain amount of time, the archiving is still there, it’s just comments will no longer be added.

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