Closer to Home

twoandahalfmen is the working name of a fun spare-time band comprised of myself (guitars/vox), long-time friend and bandmate Pete (bass/vox) and my son (drums). We recently took the opportunity to do some recording and the first finished track is an old Grand Funk gem we’ve been jamming on for years called ‘Closer to Home (I’m Your Captain)’.

Warning: this song pre-dates short attention spans…

Recorded with a Presonus 1818VSL using Ardour 3.5.357 on AV Linux 6.0.3.

best greetings to “Comandante Mark and Wolves of Ontario”.


wanna by yor CD!

Very nice!

ah, “by” the cd…
i want to >>buy<< that cd

Maybe your best recording so far. You should make a family band :wink:


Thanks guys for taking time to listen and comment.


I saw ‘Mark’ perform once (not with Grand Funk) many years ago, his voice live was amazing. We have 3 more songs with bed tracks I hope to finish soon.


Thanks a lot! I have to say as a parent that being able to play and enjoy music (both new and old) with my kids is the bomb… :slight_smile:

Great song indeed!