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i’m fooling around with the “close gaps” feature and though i see differences in the results when i do different settings i don’t really get, what “pull-back length” exactly does. So it does affect the point of the crossfade in some kind but i don’t get the rule behind it.

Did a manual and a forum search but the search function didn’t bring up a result.

I may add, as english is not my native tounge i fail in translating the term into something that makes sense to me and the german translation doesn’t really help either.

What version of Ardour are you using?

6.5 for now.

I watched the drum quantize YT video from gorgio for Mixbus where he mentioned that crossfade 5ms and pull-back length 30ms should work and most of the time it does for me but i was curious what exactly these setting do.

The pull-back length is used in an attempt to trim the start and ends of regions in addition to the cross-fade overlap. So if you set the crossfade to 2 msec and the pullback to 10 msec, the operation will attempt to trim region ends 10 msec later, region starts 10 msec earlier, and then apply a 2 msec crossfade. If the pullback length is zero, then just the end of the earlier region at each gap will be adjusted (if possible) to create a crossfade overlap.

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Ahh, thanks for the insight.

And also thanks for the always quick response here. :slight_smile:

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