Clock from start marker

I have tried to set the clock to 0.00 from the start marker and found no way to do that. Is there a way?

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Not sure i understand what you are trying to do, can you try rephrasing that?


Yes I have a live recording. The start marker is somewhere in the timeline (not at the beginning) and so the end marker. The mix is nearly complete and I exported the session for mastering (this is from start to end marker). Now the master engineer is calling me and says i.e. look at 4:35 there is an issue there and so on. Now it would be very handy to have set the clock to 0:00 by the start marker and then moving the playhead to 4:35. I set the clock to «Display delta to edit cursor» But this is not what I’m looking for. In other words I’m looking for a clock relative to the start marker. Sorry for my bad English ;-=

select the start marker by clicking on it. set the edit point to “Selected Marker”. the delta clock will now do what you want.

yepp. Thanks it’s working