Hi everyone,

I am sorry - I am completely beginner in a audio editing. So my question is very simple - how can I add a click to the minus-track? I need this click not only in play-mode. I need a click after editing and exporting.

Need I create an additional track? If YES, how can I add sounds there?

Or I can use “built-in” click somehow?

Guys sorry one more time for my incompitence.

@denisych10: just record it. Go the input selector button in the mixer strip of a new or existing track, disconnect it from whatever its connected to, and connect it to Ardour’s own click. Now record (with the click enabled). Done.

Please be sure to be using 2.8.11 or 2.8.12 (preferably) to ensure perfect alignment.

Paul, thank You for answer.

I forgot to point - I use Harrison Mixbus 2.0.4.

Finally I’ve done.

I try to make click louder in Preferences and put it to maximum, but I need click much louder. How can I do it?

you mean the recorded click? just normalize it to get it loud, so you right - click on the region (thats where you see the waveform of the click) and go to normalize.

calimerox, thank You for answer and for patience to my beginner level.