Click track not keeping time

Hello, it would seem that my machine just wont play ardours click track in time. Is there some configuration that I may have overlooked? As far as I can tell the bars and beats look fine but when I try to use them to line up samples the samples get played with the click track which is out of time. I have a Yamaha keyboard with a click track that I’m using to confirm the timing. Also I’ve used a Roland td9 drum synth click track to check ardours click track timing. both the roland and the yamaha keep time together and confirm to me that ardour just isn’t trust worthy when it comes to bpm.

Any one know a fix for this?

Ok assuming that I understand you correctly, is the click track always offset by a certain amount (IE. It is always half a beat late?) In which case the issue may just come down to latency is all.


nope, I made some recordings of ardours click track and also recorded my keyboard click. they are not staying in time together. im just uploading some audio files to my dropbox. when they are done uploading i will post a link to them here, then you will see just how bad the timing is. Here are the two audio files from the interchange folder. one is of ardours click track and the other is from my yamaha keyboard. as you can see the don’t agree on what 120bpm actually is.

we discussed this on IRC. qh simply has experienced one of the basic facts of digital audio: clocks don’t run in time (unless you’re lucky. his yamaha and roland appear to have clock crystals that tick at a very very similar rate, but fairly different from the one in his delta 44). hence, over a period of a few minutes, the clicks drift apart.

Thanks for posting the answer here Paul, I was interested to see what the problem was.

just a little anwer, a friend had clock sync problems, resolved by
kurzweil made for several years

because we all had the stncing questions…

stncing questions = syncing questions

in english:

the idea is to have one " master " clock leading all connected things…

a little add from the friend using the OCX-V-master-clock: