Clearlooks should be the default engine

I think this is more applicable to OS X than linux, but I think that Ardour2 should ship with clearlooks at the default GTK-engine. It would just look much more pro and neat that way.

we have to figure out how to do it in a way that just works.

I just checked Taybin’s package. Turns out that clearlooks is built in, except it’s packaged with the aqua pixmap theme. Ardour is nearly unusable with the aqua theme, as it uses bright text and a bright bg.
My advice is to remove aqua from the package and stick to clearlooks
word up! Ardour rules!

the problem is that if there is another theme specified for the system in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 those settings override ardour’s settings… How do I specify the clearlooks engine in ardour’s own gtkrc?

I think Ardour 2 has a very professional default theme. It is well-organized, clean, perfectly suited for the task, and on par with the GUIs of most high-level production apps, such as Apple’s Shake, and Autodesk’s Fire and Inferno. Plus, IMHO, its a lot better looking than Clearlooks.