Clear Meter & Tempo

I decided to change tempo & meter on a session I’d already recorded. But the new tempo & meter markers are overlayed onto the existing one (at the beginning of the session in the editor window).

No amount of hitting right-click clear tempo or clear meter or change tempo & meter will do anything. It all seems to be overwritten. And there’s no option to “clear all” as I can with location markers.

Here’s a screenshot which might clarify my problem. I have no idea how to clear this and reset the tempo / meter I need.

Can’t you just drag them out and delete them?

Otherwise, search for TempoMap in the .ardour file and change the Meter/Tempo Start to something other than 1|1|0, like 2|1|0 and so on.

That’s just it - I can’t move them.

But thanks, Peder, now I see why. In my .ardour file I’ve three meters and two tempos. Some are set to movable=yes but there’s also:

Tempo start="1|1|0" beats-per-minute="100.000000" note-type="4.000000" movable="no" Meter start="1|1|0" note-type="8.000000" beats-per-bar="7.000000" movable="no"

So all fixed by hand but I wonder where I can control the movable yes/no stuff from the GUI…

I guess the first Tempo and Meter can’t/shouldn’t be removed for obvious reasons, they can only have their values changed.