"clear-gray" theme

Here some new theme for Ardour v.4 called “clear-gray”.

LINK to “my-dark.color”:

LINK to screenshot:

Good luck!

Added to git master. Thanks.

With best wishes)

Few changes in this theme (30.07.2016):

  1. Background of track header name while renaming - was white (was not possible to read white on white) - changed to dark.
  2. Pick indicator - was white - changed to red.

LINK to “my-dark.color”:

cooltehno: You should come on the IRC channel, so that we are certain not to miss your updates. In the forum there’s a risk that it’ll be overlooked. Another advantage is that we could help you make a fork of Ardour on GitHub so that you could put your theme changes at the right place in the code structure, which would be easier for us to integrate.

Thanks @FrnchFrgg.

I’ve already done a Git Hub account, forked Ardour’s repository and made a pull request. But have so much problems with it:


Still I’ve made some correction again (Background of track header name while renaming - I’ve made lighter, last changing was too much dark. Because it’s the same item with background of selected session in open dialog window)

So, new version (2:29 30.07.2016)here:
LINK to “my-dark.color”: