Cleanup unused sources

I’m discovering ardour (0.99.2 and 2.0alpha), thank you for this wonderful app.

I understood that “Cleanup unused sources” remove only the audio files with no reference in the playlists. If I keep a split/trimmed region, the corresponding file(s) won’t be removed.

Is there a way to really cleanup the files to keep only the relevant parts ?

(A not very efficient solution could be to “bounce” the edited regions and then manually import and realign them…)

Thank you.

I’m not sure if I have this right, but from what I understand, even if you “trim” a section of the waveform in ardour, because it is based on non-destructive editing, you are not physically trimming the waveform, and so, there’s no seperate recording stored on the harddisk to delete - which is essentially what you would want to do, right?

Normally, if I remove a waveform, then cleanup my unused sources, I then normally empty the wastebasket to remove the recordings from my disk too.

I hope I answered the question (correctly).

I think it’s desireable that it does not remove trimmed parts.

What if you were just temporarily cropping a region, and decided later to include it? You’d find that after a cleanup that your trimmed out section was gone, forever.