Cleanup unused sources doesn't work

“Cleanup Unused Sources” always results in the “no audio files ready to clean” message. But I have 14 unusued audio tracks in the region list.

Flush wastebasket turns grey as usual after “cleaning”.

Ardour 3 (revision 8303) on amd64, Debian Linux #1 SMP PREEMPT RT

You need to make certain you do not have a snapshot or audio playulist using them that is just not obvious in your current session view.


I have no snapshot in my session, it’s just one track.

@Cassiel: please do NOT report bugs or issues with ardour3 on these forums until it is officially released (not even alpha, or beta, but actual) Until that time, all bugs and issues belong in mantis ( or IRC or the development mailing list. As it happens, this is a mostly known bug.

Oh I missed it was A3, sorry. Do what Paul says then.