I just insstalled 5.8.0 for linux 32. The “Cleanup unused sources”/“flush wastbasket” functions no longer seem to work. My wav and mid files are still on my HD.

If you mean your ‘session folder’/dead is steel full, just reload the ardour program and use ‘Flush Wastebasket’ function. First you need to ‘Clean up Unused sources’ and the flush function becomes unable. Then after you reload ardour - you can flush.

Look here:

No, sorry, I mean the “session_folder/interchange/session_name/audiofiles” folder.
It is still full of wav files even after clean-up/flush Wastebasket …
The ‘session_folder’/dead is empty.

In my case (Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (KXStudio), Ardour 5.8.0) this works fine, I’ve just tested.

“session_folder/interchange/session_name/audiofiles” is where the audio files in your session lives. It should have lots of wav files if you have a busy session.
“Cleanup unused sources” only removes the audio files that aren’t used in your session anymore; like if you did multiple takes of something and deleted all but the really good one.

Also, Ardour doesn’t remove files if they’re used in a previous snapshot so if you have snapshots you have to either delete them or go through them and delete the wav from each.