Clean-up unused sources or regions

So I was just doing some reading about this on the manual and the forum, and find that maybe is not that well explained. Paul says that storage is nowadays cheap, and while that’s definitely true for HDD I feel it’s still a bit of a problem for SSDs :sweat_smile:, whatever the case I was looking for some concept clearing on the clean-up process.

When recording I end up having a lot of not valid regions I don’t want in the session. While I try to control it with ctrl+z rather than deleting (which if I understand right cancels the “writing on disk” part), sometimes I skip a couple of them or maybe after a couple of days of tracking I just don’t need a whole bunch of takes, and there ctrl+z doesn’t cut it anymore.

So if I want to “clean-up” the session leaving the regions used in present playlists and hidden playlists, that would refer to “unused regions” or “unused sources”? I would go for sources, but we are talking about deleting things so I need to ask xD

Terminology thing here in Ardour:

Sources == The files on disk
Regions == A timeframe that points to a certain range of the source

So what you are likely looking for is cleanup unused sources. If I understood you correctly.


Thank you for your time Seablade, I went for the sources clean-up and it worked as expected. It also prompted wether I wanted to erase each of the unused playlists which was cool.

I would guess cleaning up regions does not free as much space as sources right? not sure if I understand the point of having that option.

It cleans up the region list in the sidebar.

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SSD’s went back up in price, rather than down for M.2 and NVME drives being the new standard, which are pretty cheap for the most part. They have little interest in making too many more and concentrate on NVME’s now, and are pricing SSD’s as the scarce items they may become, but aren’t yet, so they jack up the prices long before that happens as they have always done with RAM and a few other things, every time a new and better thing comes around. I hate it when they do that! :rage:

I was looking for a few larger SSD’s just a few weeks ago, thinking they would be even cheaper than ever for it, so I could do faster backups: Boy was I wrong, because I got two WD black 1TB MVME’s just around 6 months ago for less than I can get a single 1TB SSD now, and I wanted at least one SSD at 2TB preferably more, but refuse to be price gouged! :angry:

Glad you found the solution; The Ardour developers think of everything, and make great decisions. Music recording data can add up pretty quick :open_mouth:, Video even more :exploding_head:!

Didn’t even know there was a “NVME” around, might be that SSD coolspan has been shorter than HDD? xD

I believe NVME drives (Right on the motherboard) have been around for more than 2 years already. They plug into “M.2” slots which are directly connected to the PCI bus, which is wicked fast, but they are not all equal of course, because they make SATA SSD’s that look the same and plug in the same, but are nowhere near as fast. Not sure exactly how it works, but In that case I believe they are treated as SATA, not PCI devices, and get much lower bandwidth.

If you ever get a computer with one (most have 2 or more now, and they make cards for a PCI slot where you can put 4 to 12 of those suckers on) install your OS and use it for an hour on one each, First an old SATA HDD, then an SSD on the SATA bus (Fastest upgrade I’ve ever experienced ever :exploding_head:), and then the NVME drive which is near or more than twice as fast as an SSD. Daaaaaaaaaaang! :partying_face:

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