"clean-up unused sources" hangs ardour


This is a problem in ardour 5.12.0.
issue = Linux lkj22 3.12.19avl2-pae #4 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 16 22:55:48 EDT 2014 i686

In some sessions when I try to clean-up unused sources the machine seems to go into a loop with the different CPU cores becoming hyperactive and then ardour hangs and has to be killed with a ‘killall’.

I’m sorry I have no idea how to debug this.



Could you send a video of what happens, and when the error log appears? That way I could try to help - I’m not expert or dev by any means but I can try.

Thanks for your response.
Sorry, unless I’m missing something, it seems that attachments in this forum are limited to image files. I cannot upload a video so for what it’s worth I’ve attached screenshot images. As for error logs, I don’t know where ardour logs its errors.
I’ve included a bash “top” which shows that Ardour is running at 118% !!! only to clean-up unused files.
As can be seen from the screenshots, whatever the problem is, it seems to be quite low-level because it is impacting the graphics. By switching to another workspace or using the desktop menu, parts or all of the ardour display is blotted out.
At this point the only thing left to do is killall ardour.

It seems that you’re using snapshots.
In that case Ardour checks all snapshots if the source-file is used in any of them. So likely there’s a bug hiding there (which is why others don’t experience this).

Could you start Ardour from the terminal? When initiating cleanup, there should be some additional information on scanning snapshots printed there. That might provide a clue.

Other than that a recipe how to reproduce this (starting with a new session) would be helpful, or a backtace of the point where Ardour hangs (best don’t interactively via IRC – Menu > Help > Chat)

I started Ardour from the terminal and initiated a cleanup but then just left it and about 30 minutes later it did clean up the unused files. The terminal left an

Sorry that last message was truncated…

As I was saying, it did finally clean up so what I described as a hang was maybe more like a very,very long clean up with the addition of the inability to cancel the operation.

I did start Ardour from the terminal but what it left was so long that if there were any error messages at the start they scrolled off the top. Sorry, I should have used a tee to an file that I could attach…
There were just hundreds of lines like:
" => /media/sda1/ArdProj/2019/20180104/interchange/20180104/midifiles/piano1-4.mid"

followed by:
Actually unused: 13
actually writing state to /mnt/sda1/ArdProj/2019/20180104/20180104.tmp
renaming state to /mnt/sda1/ArdProj/2019/20180104/20180104.ardour
actually writing state to /mnt/sda1/ArdProj/2019/20180104/20180104.tmp
renaming state to /mnt/sda1/ArdProj/2019/20180104/20180104.ardour

I only had one session that exhibited his problem and now that it is fixed I can’t reproduce it. Thanks for the help.