Clean-up issues

(Onnogitaar) #1

Dear all,
i have had a problem with Clean-up for a while:
If i go to Session>Clean-up>Clean-up Unused Sources…>Clean-up nothing happens. The popup below does not appear
Ardour freezes and if i try to close Ardour it takes a while and an "Ardour is not responding"screen pops up.

I ran in gdb and that is here:
If you tell me how i would attach my session file as well.

I found out: if i try to uncombine the first compounds from Droomvlucht-solo(@ 07:13:21:08, tracks: “gitaar-room” and “gitaar” ) they are deleted.

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(Onnogitaar) #2

found out actually i do have an account:

(Onnogitaar) #3

…oh, i am sorry about that.
I do not have an account on the bug tracker.

(Chris) #4

This is not the appropriate place for that level of debugging information. Paul has pointed out that comments in the forums get lost and forgotten just because there is not a good way to reference them later.
Do you have an account on the bug tracker?

(Onnogitaar) #5

this issue still persists Ardour 5.9.0

(Paul Davis) #6

the current release is 5.12 …

(Ccee) #7

I’m using 5.12.0 and problem persists. I have had this problem since 4.7.0. Ardour freezes and has to be killed via bash > killall…

(Onnogitaar) #8

yes i run 5.12.0 as well and indeed the problem is still there. I gave the session up. (stem export the parts that i still need)