Clean-up issues

Dear all,
i have had a problem with Clean-up for a while:
If i go to Session>Clean-up>Clean-up Unused Sources…>Clean-up nothing happens. The popup below does not appear
Ardour freezes and if i try to close Ardour it takes a while and an "Ardour is not responding"screen pops up.

I ran in gdb and that is here:
If you tell me how i would attach my session file as well.

I found out: if i try to uncombine the first compounds from Droomvlucht-solo(@ 07:13:21:08, tracks: “gitaar-room” and “gitaar” ) they are deleted.

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found out actually i do have an account:

…oh, i am sorry about that.
I do not have an account on the bug tracker.

This is not the appropriate place for that level of debugging information. Paul has pointed out that comments in the forums get lost and forgotten just because there is not a good way to reference them later.
Do you have an account on the bug tracker?

this issue still persists Ardour 5.9.0

the current release is 5.12 …

I’m using 5.12.0 and problem persists. I have had this problem since 4.7.0. Ardour freezes and has to be killed via bash > killall…

yes i run 5.12.0 as well and indeed the problem is still there. I gave the session up. (stem export the parts that i still need)