Classroom licence to teach Ardour at University


I am teaching sound design and mixing at the university. I would like to introduce Ardour to my students and make them use it for their projects. However I cannot ask my students to pay (even 1$/month) and building Ardour by themselves (a strong majority uses Windows) is far beyond their computer science skills.

Is there any classroom licences offered to encourage the use of Ardour for education ?

Thank you.

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Ardour is released under the GPL. You are free to make copies of it and distribute it to others. The only requirement is that you give them all the same freedoms that we give you.

It is not necessary to pay US$1/month - a single payment of US$1 suffices.

A number of educational institutions have chosen to pay us for a “license” that provides them with a unique login to give to students to download the software. Some have paid a few hundred dollars, others a few thousand. Whether or not you opt to do this is up to to you and your relationship with karma etc :slight_smile: The GPL already permits you to give it to your students.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Thank you for your answer.

I didn’t realize this aspect of the GPL (being able to distribute the Ready-to-run file).
I’ll still ask my university if it would be possible to pay such a “license” and get a common student login.

Thank you anyway for your work on this fantastic software.


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