Classical edits with LUA script?

Given @paul’s recent blog post and my previous engagement with the Reaper community with classical workflow custom actions, I wondered whether a simple 4-point edit is possible just using LUA scripting in Ardour?

I’m not asking for anyone to necessarily work on a script…it’s likely that if I get affirmation it is possible, it would be enough motivation to dig into LUA scripting myself (though I may have questions along the way!).

Essentially this is what I would need in terms of logical steps:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts to create source-in & out, destination-in & out markers likely labelled S-O, S-I, D-I, D-O, for example. They don’t even need to be special markers at this point given I like to compile all the edits before touching CD markers and regions. Plus, all of this can happen on a single timeline. No need for separate “source” and “destination” tracks.

  2. Copy the material between the S-I and S-O markers

  3. Delete the material between the D-I and D-O markers and replace with copied source material

  4. Extend the edges of the pasted material the length of the default fade in either direction to actually create a proper crossfade with the material either side.

I will say that ability to easily align transients graphically in Ardour is a major plus. It has been a joy to edit a handful of classical edits. If this script is possible, classical music could be easily edited in Ardour even with 100s of edits. I’ve been telling various classical engineer friends about my move to Linux and if I (or someone else) can provide a simply S-D function, it would mean quite a few happy campers. I won’t claim that they would come in droves but it’s another tick in the “plus” column for Ardour and classical workflow.

So, my primary concern at this point: Is what I have described even possible with a LUA script?

I think it is possible (although perhaps not in Ardour 5). I recall some unimplemented stuff with markers in A5, but you could try with the nightly build of A6.

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