Chris Cape - Lawnmower

A good friend of mine Chris Cape recently released a track called Lawnmower.
It was mixed with the help of Ardour, Jack and a bunch of free software plugins developed by Calf, Invada, x42 and eq10q amongst others.

I also co-produced the track with Chris but that was using another DAW that won’t be named here…


Thanks again to all the people that make Ardour happen. I’m checking the git commits daily and seeing all the work done is very exciting. The 4.x releases so far have been excellent.

You can find more of the music I’ve been involved in here:

Here is some more info on the track:
Song: Lawnmower
Duration: 4.00
Artist: Chris Cape
Music by Chris Cape and Robert Scott
Lyrics by Chris Cape
Vocals, guitar, keyboards and programming by Chris Cape
Bass guitar, keyboards and programming by Robert Scott
Female vocals by Amy Walton
Mixed by Robert Scott
Mastered by Vlado Meller
Assistant mastering engineer: Jeremy Lubsey
Rap vocals recorded by Jonny Dosé (
Artwork by James William King
Photography by Oakpics (