Chord generator plugin (guitar)

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currently what is the best free plugin to use with a MIDI keyboard in Ardour [on Linux] that generates guitar chords with a very realistic sound, played in various ways, played up, down, stopped, softly arpeggiated, etc.?
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MIDI Strum by x42/Robin Gareus can do all that, and add randomness to velocity and stroke acceleration, see
I don’t know if it’s the best, or if there are any alternatives, but it would fit my needs…

Thank you, how to use it and what should it be connected to?

Not sure if that is what you want… but I had some fun :slight_smile:


Very nice…
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I would like to record the output of the first MIDI track into the second audio track, but nothing comes to the audio track.
Maybe something is missing?
[Ardour 7.4 on Linux]

Is “In” on the audio 2 mixer atrip enabled ? It will let your monitor the track while it is not being recorded, and possibly help troubleshoot.

Or is there no audio being recorded during actual recording ? EDIT : i looked at the pic and realized it is recording…

Did you select the global record arm here:

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There is usefull information here.

You may have to enable In on Audio 2 to record.

I discovered the problem.

Simply everything works if I uncheck this:


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