choosing an audio interface!

Hello everyone, my name is Luis I am new to audio editing would like your help choosing an audio interface taking into account the following aspects;
-Full compatibility with Linux
-8 Mic inputs

One last thing I can use two interfaces at the same time connected by wordclock? If I can do please tell me that will allow me to do that interface in Linux.

Sorry for the bad English!


Sync over adat is considered by most professionals less than stable, so it is not ideal. Sync over wordclock is a MUCH better choice(Not to mention locking connectors;)


Yes it is possible to use interfaces sync’d over wordclock, there are a few people that use RME setups this way for instance, but I haven’t done it myself. Despite my warning above I have thus far just used ADAT sync, but that doesn’t negate my warning above just because it worked for me so far:)


@luisfpetrucci: using more than one interface at a time is possible as stated here:

however i’ve not tried it yet, and as far as i’ve read is not recommended.

Now about the interfaces:

If you have Firewire ports on your computer you should take a look at the interfaces reported to work and supported on FFADO website:

Some of them have 8 mic inputs, and also a few have more by adding ADAT inputs, one i’ve been using and works OK is the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, its versatile, good sounding and also affordable, there are more but this is the one i use with firewire.

If you have more resources then take a look at RME interfaces, especially PCI, those have FULL linux compatibility and support, are greatly designed and built, i use a RME 9652 and have used firewire interfaces as ADAT preamps and that has worked great, now i have a USB interface as SPDIF preamp and is great also.

Best regards.

If you have firewire, check ffado website.

If the interface has adat support, just plugin 2 optical cables in both the interface & the AD convertor.
Via adat the interface and ad convertor will be synced, no need to use wordclock cable then.

I use rme Multiface2(with rme pci-expresscard) with Behringer ADA8000. They are connected with adat.

I don’t use mic inputs so i don’t have experience for good interfaces with 8mics

Hi, thank you cajmere I will see the ffado website right now!

motormouth: if you have never used Linux, you have accidentally selected more or less the worst possible distribution for what you are trying to do. Install AVLinux on your system. If you can’t do that, read up on the KXStudio PPA which can be used to try to get your Ubuntu system into shape for doing audio work. Linux distributions are not all the same.

You also have likely selected one of the worst audio interfaces to use on Linux. I believe there is a thread on these forums somewhere about the MBox and Linux IIRC, but I don’t remember where sorry.


I just loaded Ubuntu 12.10 on my PC. I have a Digidesign MBOX2 Mini. I understand that they will work together, but after plugging the MBOX2 Mini in, there was no green light. First, I guess I need a driver, and I have no clue how to locate it, or as to how to install it… I have never used Linux. There is no internet at that machine, but I do have a flash drive. I will be grateful to anyone that can walk me through this. Will need a couple plug ins later, but I can address that after the MBOX2 Mini.

This machine will perform real time audio compression, and equalization.

Thank you very much.