choose region on top

Hi and happy to you all,

have record several takes on the same track, as usual, and like to choose between the takes.

When right clic and “choose region on top” the pop up list of the takes appears, but I can’t change the top region.

Yesterday it worked, and I don’t think anything was changed in options or whatever :frowning:

Did someone here have seen that before ?

Oh, it’s Ardour2 revision 10146, and the region is not locked, have even try to reboot

Thanks in advance,

Check if you maybe have set Options->Layering to “Later is higher”. AFAIK manual manipulation doesn’t work in this mode. So try one of the other two.


A very big lot of thanks to you, and a chance for me to say that The C.L.A. (even if don’t have any idea of what that means) is better than the C.I.A. (that I have a little idea)

Always have liked easy jokes, and more ! ;o))

You saved many time here, really appreciate your help is (and now a big question for me, how did I set this parameter : huge “?” over the head is the only answer yet)))

Thanks again,