choose audio path

guys , im trying to see if ardour will record to a synology diskstation network raid drive (logic doesnt)
how do i set the audio path? i just tried to set it on the new session box but it put the song file on the drive but the audio went on my local drive.

There is no reason it shouldn’t provided it is mounted as a drive. I have recorded large track counts to a ReadyNAS with a drive mounted with either AFP or NFS successfully. As long as you open or create the session on the share it should work fine I would imagine.

How is the drive mounted on your machine?


When I tried to record on it from logic it had serious problems with the fades and I got an error message every 30 secs. I created a disc image and it allowed me to record to the disc image. Logic has problem with their fades hence the ‘rebuild fades’ command or whatever it is?
Last night when I tried to record directly to the synology it placed the audio files on my local disc. I changed the record path on the new session box but it still placed the audio files on my local disc. I’m not an expert at this stuff so I don’t know what to try next. Ardour or linux or something doesn’t seem to like the synology. Any ideas?

What does ‘create the session on the share’ mean?

Not sure what you mean by ‘record path on new session box’?

What I mean by create the session on the share, is when you create the session, you are given the option of what folder to put it in, and you can select a folder on the network share from your Synology. Ardour doesn’t care where sessions get placed so long as it shows up as a standard filesystem to it. This is true of most NAS boxes etc. but I suppose it is possible it is doing something strange. Also obviously you need to make sure it is high enough performance for whatever you are doing, for instance the ReadyNAS I mentioned earlier is capable of saturating a Gigabit Ethernet link before it tops out, so 100MB/s transfer rates and pretty good seek etc. fairly performant NAS box. Not sure how fast the Synology is, I would imagine it is fast enough for at least basic work, but never used it to be sure.

This is likely another topic that might be best addressed in IRC to figure out what exactly is happening.

Given that 1gb Ethernet is faster than FireWire 800, is there a technical reason why few people don’t use Ethernet to record? It seems odd that the speed is ready available but I know few people who use it. Why do you think this is? Because this may be the reason why the synology drive doesn’t accept the ardour files

You haven’t actually shown any evidence that “the synology drive doesn’t accept the ardour files”. What on earth do you mean?

Synologys website say that there drives are NAS.

No idea why it isn’t working as expected.

I’m regards to using Ethernet. Too records audio?

Its entirely possible. Audio over Ethernet has been in use for quite a while with digital desks doing audio over cat 5 usongaes50 protocol.

Also there is Dante for audio networking. They havedante virtual soundcard which allows using Ethernet to receive audio from a Dante network. Ubfortunatly it’s closed source.

@Dunnery from a technical standpoint my money is you would get better sustained performance out of a SSD attached via FW800. Several reasons, one being that ethernet by it’s nature can be multiuser. A second being there is always some overhead with packetizing, though you can utilize Jumbo Packets in very specific circumstances to mitigate this somewhat (NOTE FOR THOSE READING ALONG-- ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!).

That being said from a realistic standpoint there isn’t much reason to or not to one way or another. It is a matter of what is available, most people don’t haul a NAS drive around with them all the time so for portable recording, where FW was generally much more utilized, this seems almost like a moot point.

Of course with USB3 etc. becoming more common, that in itself is becoming a moot point for storage options as well, not to mentioned things like eSATA, etc.


Or were you referring to for general audio streaming instead of just for storage?

The reason I’m asking this is that it was gracefully answered by one of the forumguys a couple of days ago. I said that logic has a problem writing to a raid network drive , the fades create errors all the time. I’m just exploring if ardour has the same issues because if it does it means logically speaking that the drive is at fault and not the program’s themselves.

I’m running linux and ardour and I ve experienced a few weird ‘one off’ errors that I cannot repeat so I’m trying to to get some consistent data so that I don’t start a session and realize half way through that I’ve messed up. I already did this with logic. I found a workaround by creating a disc image and then logic treat the drive like a normal hard drive. I’ve already had this conversation and I had a great answer from the forum that resolved the logic issue for me. It is indeed a fault of logic. Now I want to see if ardour reacts the same to network and drives. I’ve tried to record twice and both times I got the Audio on the local drive. How , I don’t know?
You guys understand all this, I’m just trying to get your expert opinion.

And then I thought ’ there must be something wrong with the Ethernet recording because it’s faster than FireWire 800 yet no one uses it."
That’s why I asked the question about recording over Ethernet.
I should add that I’m going to be building a very powerful audio system which hopefully will be ardour and linux. I’m practicing now on a old dell optioned 780 and once I understand the system I will make the build. I’m sorry for driving you crazy with questions… Probably dumb questions to you guys but it’s the only direct feedback I have given that youtube has a lot of counter contrary opinions.

Thank you seablade, I understand that.

I think to get this thing resolved you have to provide more detailed information. I don’t know exactly what has been covered in IRC so I’ll just write all the things down that might help narrowing it down.

Tell us:

  • Which ardour version are you using?
  • Which linux distribution? version?
  • Where (path) is the synology mounted in your file system? (maybe also, how did you mount it?)
  • Which directory do you choose when creating a completely new session in ardour?
  • Which files are saved to the synology?
  • Which files are saved to your local drive and where to?
  • Does the synology work as expected when you save other files to it?
  • Does ardour work as expected when you choose a session folder on your local hard disk?

I think this would just give us a starting point to work on. And consider staying a little longer in the IRC channel – maybe leave it open while you do sth else – because it often takes some time until people answer. :slight_smile: