Channel strip template / Export presets / Move settings

Hello people!! I have some, probably simple, questions…

1st. Is there a way to save and load in a mix a template with a set of pre-configured effects? Not a full project template, I’m asking for a channel strip template.

2nd. Is there a way to save and export my effects’ custom settings to send them to a colleague?

3nd. Is there a way to store and move my settings in general, from my current computer to another?

Thanks in advance for your time! :slight_smile:

Yes, Track Templates. You can see these when creating a new track:

On the Left Hand side of the dialog.

The short answer to both of these is yes, though it may not be as simple as some people might like. For 2> in the plugin window at the top of the window are options to save settings. These save in an XML, which is also the answer for number 3. I don’t remember the locations of these files off hand right now, so hopefully someone sitting at Ardour can refresh my memory, but the basics are you need to transfer this XML data to do what you wish.

Alternative for 2, is that some plugins have this capability built in and you could use their ability to do this.

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Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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