Channel selector not working

I record my keyboard on a left and right sound track, and at the same time I would like to record two MIDI tracks for upper and lower manual. The problem is how to split the MIDI into two tracks. The keyboard sends MIDI for lower manual on MIDI track 3 and upper manual on MIDI track 4. I thought a good way to separate it would be using the ‘Channel selector’ on the MIDI tracks to select only ch. 3 and 4, respectively for recording. Unfortunately it doesn’t work - both tracks still record both channels…

I use Ardour version 3.5.308~dfsg-1 on Ubuntu Studio 14.04.

It works fine in our development branch and possibly even in the .403 release. As stated in many places on the forums: this is not the place to report bugs. It also makes sense when reporting a bug to check if it still exists in the latest released version rather than the latest version packaged by your distribution.

Thanks for telling me, and sorry for not having taken the time to find out where to report bugs.

I have downloaded the .403 release - maybe it will also solve a few other problems I have had. It seems that Ubuntu Studio is not updating their Ardour package very often.