Changing the mute fade speed

I would like to know if there’s a parameter somewhere to change the speed at which the gain if changed when changing the mute/solo state of a track ? I would like to have it very slow (like 1 or 2 seconds).

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There is no configuration for this. The slope is hard-coded (approx 1/25Hz = 40ms exponential fade).

PS. It may be a good feature request, something to add in a future version.

right now, you could edit the source and re-compile (but that’ll also affect other fades, not only mute):

Thanks a lot, I’m currently studying the subject on how to set up a compiling environment, using a linux virtual machine on Windows, to cross-recompile a Windows version of Ardour (unfortunately I have to work on Windows for my other tasks). I will probably need to recompile anyway, as my needs are a bit unusual.
Maybe it would be easier to write a small plugin in LUA to implement this feature (don’t know how to do this either) ?

Depends what you need. Replacing mute/solo logic with a script isn’t possible. But if all you need is a plugin that has an automatable “Mute Button”, that could be a Lua script. e.g.


A quick example (based on a-amp) (save to %localappdata%\ardour5\scripts\fade_in_out.lua)

PS. Line 24 lpf = 100 / rate -- interpolation time constant – the smaller the time-constant, the slower the fade

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This is exactly what I need.
Thank you very much !