Changing the midi instrument in 5.12

Yes, this is a stupid problem, but I have not had any success. I have created a few midi tracks with General Midi Synth on the Windows version, I click into the mixer mode, double click on General Midi Synth, then there is this stuff about MIDI Programs (sent to track), done by octave, seemingly. I try to experiment and change them all to random instruments like distorted guitar and save it, but still, the voice remains a piano’s voice. What am I doing wrong and how do you do it right in version 5?
Do I really have to choose one instrument for each octave or the same one again and again, or can I just do it once for all octaves.

Ardour is my first DAW. Most the tutorials seem to be for version 3 and using settings not on 5.12 on my windows machine.

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Problem solved on the #ardour IRC chat, c1 through c16 are channels not octaves, and channel one changed it. Also in the editor right clicking on the midi track header on the left and then patch selector (seems like a strange name to someone with no DAW experience) opens up another dialog with a much nicer UI for choosing instruments.

Thanks for the help!