Changing pitch channel

Hi all, I am having some problems with the pitch bend, since I mistakenly recorded a guitar part with a MIDI keyboard on the wrong channel. Now when I switch to the correct channel (clicking on the track properties from the editor view), the sound changes accordingly but loses the pitch bending which remains on the wrong channel. I tried to copy and paste the pitch bending on the correct channel but it is not possible. How can I do?

You have a particular track, with a midi region,
that has some notes in it; all notes are assigned to
the same channel, and your “automation” shows
pitch bend for that channel; correct?

Here is an image of a similar situation:
the pitch bends are on channel 3, in discrete mode:

Make sure that your cursor is in “Internal Edit” mode
(shortcut: E), and click inside the channel 3 pitchbends,
drawing a rectangle that will select all the points. Copy.

Next, right-click on the track header,
and seek out Automation ⇒ Bender ⇒ Channel 5 (e.g.):

that will make a pitch bend for channel 5 appear, empty:

In my case, I had pitch bend mode “Discrete”
but Ardour’s default is “Linear,” so, if you want Discrete,
specify that, now:

Now click on the channel 5 header, to activate it,
and place your cursor at the beginning of your region.




It works! Thank you very much

Glad you liked it!
Personally, I work with 12 pitch bends at the very beginning of
each of three tracks, not as an imitation of pitch wheel,
but for the purpose of defining a microtonal tuning that uses 3*12 notes
per octave. [Yes, Lumatone.]
With the 3-track scheme, I avoid the problem of having pitch bend and note on
detach from each other, while editing, but I run into an Ardour bug
that is so arcane that I’m not sure how to report it:
it is that, every now and then, Ardour decides to spontaneously insert
a bunch of neutral (8192) pitch bends in front of one region or another,
so I keep having to delete those!
It could happen to anyone, I presume…

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