Changing OS

I have a question, expecially for Paul or any other Ardour developer.
I’m actually on Ubuntu Studio 16.04 and I’m thinking about getting back to Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I have some recordings I made with Ardour on my desktop, all are not finished.
If I copy the whole folder, format the system and instal Ubuntu, can I paste them on my new desktop without losing anything?
Also. In case I’ll format the system, can I download Ardour again? I mean the complete version.
Thank you

I have done this recently, in fact the exact same thing: migrating ardour projects from a laptop running Ubuntu Studio 16.04 to a desktop machine running Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I had no trouble after meticulously verifying that all audio plugins used by my ardour projects were installed on the desktop machine.

Thank you for the info, Mich. I don’t have problems with plugins since my Ardour is completely standard, I haven’t added anything.
Did you install a low latency kernel in Ubuntu or you kept the standard one? I was also thinking MAYBE to install also KXStudio.

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and downloaded Ardour again, but I cannot install it.
I checked the “allow to run the application as program” checkbox but it does not start.
Any hint?

for me installing the kxstudio repos is the first thing i do on a debian / ubuntu system… also it does some helpful configuration with rtprio etc if i remember right…

Isn t ardour still in the repos of ubuntu? or just an old version? (havent used ubuntu for a while…)

did you try starting it from the command line? like ./ArdourX.X ? do you get any command line output?

Hi Cali, Ardour is in the repo but is the 4, if I remember good. I have the latest version, the complete one being a subscriber.
I haven’t tried from the command line because the file is a .run
I don’t know if works in this way, I will give it a try.

I forgot one thing: if I install KXStudio, can I use Ubuntu normally or KX does it change something like the desktop, and so on?

You can use the kxstudio repo without changing the desktop environment.

Ok installed Ardour and the low latency kernel also. I tried KX, using the cd, but I saw that (if I understood correctly), if I install it, it will get in ubuntu place. Trying it with cd, it changed the whole system, desktop included.
More or less what’s happened with Ubuntu Studio

Telover, you can use apps and plugins from KX by adding its repositories to Ubuntu 16.04 with the following commands in a terminal (I copied this from

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https software-properties-common wget
sudo dpkg -i kxstudio-repos_9.4.1~kxstudio1_all.deb

Your system remains plain vanilla Ubuntu, except that you now have the option of installing apps and plugins from KXStudio.

Thanks Mich, I’ll check it out, expecially for linuxsampler

Don’t install the whole OS, just enable the repos. That way you can pick what software you want installed. See:

Should have refreshed the page before posting :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you.
One thing: since I went back to Ubuntu, I forgot to copy the VST folder or whatever it is, now I don’ thave MDA Piano and E-Piano anymore. I installed again the Calf plugins but I looked around for MDA stuff and I only found 32 bit version.
Is it possible there’s no 64 bit version? I had it on Ubuntu Studio and it was 64 bit as well