Changing MIDI Instrument on a Track?

Hello all, I only downloaded Ardour at the weekend so just getting started with it. There have been a few questions on how to change MIDI Instrument over the years, for older versions of Ardour, but none of them seem to apply to version 6.9.

I’ve been removing and adding MIDI tracks to see can I get this but I’m not able to get anything but Piano. If I expand the MIDI track in the editor window so that it’s wide enough to show the piano roll I can see a drop down there to select the instrument being played. I’ve selected ACE Fluid Synth when I added the track. So I play a note and I get a Piano sound but change that selected instrument from the default ‘plugin provided’ . Maybe I don’t select the instrument in Ardour but in the QSynth interface, but I don’t see the instrument selection in QSynth, only the sound file configuration.

I have tried Rosegarden in the past and I’m sure I could change the played instrument in that GUI.

Sorry this is basic I know. Been thought the MIDI section of the manual but nothing is shedding any light for me.

Thanks for any help

Found it! Sorry it’s in the plugin interaface

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