Changing cursor behavior for moving/resizing clips

This seems like a really simple thing but I can’t seem to find it.

In Ardour 2 when I wanted to resize a clip I would need to move the cursor to the bottom area of the clip in the timeline, the resizing option would only appear here. In Ardour 3, by default the resizing option is appearing with the cursor at any height on the clip. This is an issue for me because I am often moving around very short clips and it means I need to zoom in when I want to move a clip because it will default to resizing otherwise.

So my question, how do I change it in Ardour 3 so that I only get the resize option when I have the cursor over the bottom area of the clip, (like in Ardour 2).


You follow instructions given with the Ardour3 alpha announcements and discuss on IRC and Mantis;) This really isn’t the place to discuss A3 at this time as it is still in alpha testing and what you are seeing may very well be an issue that needs to be fixed and the best way to determine this is to ask on IRC where many testers and developers are and report in Mantis if it is an issue, and it sounds like it is.