Changing bpm messes up automations

Pretty self explanatory title.

I wish automations would stay in their relative position like MIDI notes. As it stands, changing the bpm of my songs is a huge pain because of heavy automation use. Is there a reason or backstory for why automations would shift like they do?

As I know, there’s no possibility yet in ardour. All that we have today only an option to drag automation of audio track with an audio (“Edit>Preferences>Editor>Editor Behavior>Move relevant automation when audio regions are moved” - option must be activated), but this works only with audio. For midi clips there’are no any relevant automation things at all.

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Thanks for the response.

As for the checkbox you pointed out, it was already checked and does not prevent automations on an audio track from getting shifted on a bpm change.

As for MIDI tracks, they do have automation lanes and they also shift on a bpm change. Notes do not shift. They stay perfectly relative to the measures and beats, which is great.

Anyway, I hope this is something the developers are aware of.