Change UI menu colors of Ardour

This is perhaps a silly question, but the UI menus of Ardour2 on my computer are hard to read: characters are written in white and background of menus are in light grey. Other GTK2 applications use black characters. Does Ardour2 uses GTK2?


Ardour uses GTK2 with its own theme. The behaviour you are describing, however, is caused by interactions with your desktop. What desktop are you using, what version of Ardour, and are you using the light or dark theme (if using versions 2.0.4 or later)?


I’m using Ardour 2.0.3. I have installed with my Gentoo distribution. My desktop is sometime XFCE4, sometime Fluxbox. Should I install the version 2.0.4 from sources?

Hello, just to say that updating my Gentoo has fix the menus of Ardour.