...change the volume on a region?

Is there a way I can adjust the volume on a single region instead of a whole track? I have one part that is a bit louder than the rest of the track, and I’m trying to find a way to turn it down without having to make a whole new track.

Thanks in advance!

a) switch to region gain mode (“g”), and move the region gain envelope (you’ll need to make it visible + active first by right clicking on the region)

b) use track fader automation (too complex to explain here)

c) apply a fixed gain boost to the region (right click on the region)

Additionally, you could use the “Convert to region in-place” by selecting/highlighting a portion of the region that’s loud and right-click to pop-up the menu. Then, apply a “reduce gain” on that portion that was just sliced out for you. You could also use an envelope and reduce the gain at the appropriate time frame.