Change the piano roll to note names, numbers, colours etc

I was wondering if there is an option to change the MIDI piano roll to user definable note names? I would like to label the keys with numbers and be able to replace the keys with numbers and colours. This option is available in Reaper and I was hoping it was also available in Aurdour.
Thank you for any help

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If there’s a MIDNAM file available, then ardour would have the information it needed. But at present, there’s no way to get the program to do it, with or without the information. It would be worth filing a feature request for this. It won’t be acted on any time soon, because we’re because with deep (and mostly invisible) architectural changes for 6.0, but it would be a good idea.

Cheers Paul. I would be a good Idea…I’m interested in microtonal music and always wanted a “piano roll” that could be highly customized to accommodate non-12 tone music…being able to define ratios to more than 12 notes per octave would be brilliant.

You’re not going to see more than 12 notes per octave in Ardour for years, if ever, I’m afraid.

Although the MIDI tuning standard does theoretically allow for more than 12 notes per octave, making a DAW aware of the tuning and thus somehow dealing with (e.g.) graphical keyboards and note “lines” is a very very different task.

The micro-tuning can be handled by VSTi’s and AU instruments so the DAW doesn’t have to be aware of anything. MIDI note 60 is still MIDI note 60 It’s just labeled whatever you like 1/1,3/2 or D#+. and/or given a colour just as you’d name a track header. Just something to help with organization and workflow. You can already change the colours of almost everything else.