Change the default "mark1, mark2" names to something else?

Is there any configuration file I need to alter in order to automatically have the CD markers as:
“Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”…

My goal is to record 30 minute-long speeches, and the CD cuesheet index will have about 7 tracks. That is why I wanted to do this, so CD-TEXT can display “Part 1”, etc, instead of “mark1”.

Thanks for ANY information that helps me!

Well I don’t think this is currently possible(Check in Mantis for a feature request and add it if it isn’t there), it would be very easy to work around this limitation by one of a couple of ways…

  1. The Location Widnow would allow you to rename them quickly using the UP and DOWN arrows to get between name fields. I do this often in fact to create ranges to export and name them on 1+ long services in similar situations that you describe.

  2. Sed on the CD file would also do it, a simple one of s/mark/Part/ would likely be all you need but I would need to look at the TOC or CUE file first to be certain.