Change tempo meter

is quite embarassing to ask. I’m trying to change the tempo and the meter in my song but I cannot do it. I tried to click with every buttons and combinations on the area located above the tracks in the edit window, I looked for a menu but I didn’t find anything.
How can we do it in Ardour?
Thanks in advance. (MacOSX 10.5.6 Ardour 2.8)

Right click on the tempo or meter marker. Choose “Edit”.

Ardour uses right click quite a lot. You’d better get used to it.

Thanks Paul,
I’m realizing that. I was working with my Mac laptop that doesn’t have the button 2 on the trackpad.
Is pretty annoying not being able to set up a session while traveling, I’m forced to use a mouse even on a flight or train

We tried to ask you read it as nicely as we could. Now you have to.


How to bind a track to a tempo? So it could change its playback tempo with the tempo track?

Ardour does not automatically stretch audio material to fit tempo. You can do that manually using the TimeFX tool. MIDI regions will stretch automatically. If you care about the position of audio material, the context menu for audio regions includes a “Lock To Musical Time” option which will keep at the same Bar|Beat position as tempo/meter are changed.

OSX right click: Press CTRL while (left)click or lay down two fingers on trackpad while (left)click. Once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to others. (two finger)

Ctrl-leftclick is NOT the same as rightclick, and does not generate a right click event inside an application. There are just many OS X applications that interpret Ctrl-leftclick as if it was a rightclick. Ardour does not, because we use Ctrl-leftclick for other things.

Seriously, it is 2016 and a 3 button (+ scrollwheel(s)) wireless USB mouse is cheap. You’ve got an incredibly powerful application in front of you - why cripple your use of it because of Apple’s bizarre insistence on single or double button devices?

To confirm - the only way to change the tempo is to Right click the red section on the right of the Tempo label? It looks like it’s only around 5 pixels wide?


What about allowing to double click the Tempo label?

I have been using Ardour on and off for a few years and I had to Google this today because I could not figure out how to do it.

Just found another way to change tempo by clicking this button:

It’s also possible to double click the red section mentioned above in the first screenshot

Can tempo be automated? For example if I want to slowly decrease or increase the tempo?

Did you read The Ardour Manual

Yeah, you just add a tempo marker on the track by

wait for it

right clicking on the track, setting the new tempo, and checking the box that says ‘gradually change tempo’

I’d like to add, this is a program you should read the documentation for. REALLY read it, once through.

Sorry for this question. I was laying in the bed late night just before sleep and reading this forum… shame on me!

I’m reading the manual and still can’t figure out how to do this yet. Unfa - please do a video about this.
Note that I am not in any way criticizing the person who wrote this part of the manual. I recognize that the information is there and it is a difficult thing to explain. I’m working my way through it and think a video would be helpful.

Obviously this covers Mixbus, but also applies to Ardour.


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