Change tempo and key

Is it possible shift the key and adjust the speed/tempo of a sound file in Ardour? Is there some kind of plug-in required to be able to do this?


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there are several pitch-shifter plugins in the usual plugin collections (swh and others).

where can i find plugins?

Your distro probably provides a package named roughly “swh-plugins” or equivalent. If you’re running OS X, we provide ladspa plugins built on .

For speed adjustment you can use the “TimeFX” tool in Ardour to stretch regions without affecting their pitch. The quality of this tool is not optimal though.

I am working on Ardour since one year and I would like to change the speed (not only the pitch) of different sounds imported. I know I can do it with Audacity using the effect “change speed” but I was wondering if it was possible to do it directly in Ardour? I’ve tried the different pitch-shifter plugins but no one seems to be the good tool to do that…Could help me? Thank you for your answer. best.

Yes, Ardour has a “time stretch” mode where any region can be adjusted to a different length without altering the pitch. I think if you want to change the pitch you have to do that separately.

Thank you for your answer. It’s a nice mode.
For the pitch, yes it would be nice if it could possible to change it or not when time stretching/shrinking.
Like when you go from 33 to 45 rpm…

Amongst Ardour 3’s time stretch options is ‘Resample without preserving pitch’, which effectively speeds up/slows down the audio, which I think is exactly what you want.

Thank you, good to know! I am not already on Ardour 3.
I will look forward to it!

Is there a way to shift the pitch of a sample an exact amount, without effects? Something like using the “Resample without preserving pitch” option that colinf mentions, but not using the mouse to change the length? I have a sample in F#, and I want to stretch/repitch it to F, and doing so by mouse is not very accurate.

Yes, with “Transpose” on the region context menu. You can specify the pitch change in semitones (to change the note, e.g. down 1 semitone for F# to F) or in cents (for finer-grained pitch correction when it’s out of tune). The length of the region does not change when you use this option.

Audacity has a pretty good “Change Tempo” program that allows you to enter tempo change in bpm. It’s open source, so it would be great if it could be used directly in Ardour. Possible?

In old versions the “Region/Edit/Pitch-Shift” utility left the choice between preserving duration or just resampling. But this fonction has disappeared… Why? I really miss it…