Change sound on midi-device from wtihin Ardour

Can I change the sound(s) produced by my midi connected Korg SV-1, from within Ardour, when playing midi tracks?

The device is connected with USB, and I am able to record midi signals from it when playing on the keyboard, and it is producing sounds when playing miditracks in Ardour. This was not straight forward to get working, but found how to connect it in the “midi Connections” window.

Now it plays the sound I set on the SV1, but I would like to control this from Ardour. I hope I can set different sounds from different midi tracks. Is this possible? I have tried to change midi channels, but it does nothing. How does this work?

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

You will likely want to add patch changes to your MIDI regions. There is a section in the manual describing MIDI Patch changes: The Ardour Manual - Patch Change

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Additionally, If you record onto a midi track, it should also record the patch changes sent from the SV-1, if the SV-1 sends those. Maybe the SV-1 has some settings to alow or disallow MIDI “PC” (Program Change) codes.

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