Change size / zoom of clips in cue windows?

Hi guys,

I’m looking into using Ardour’s cue window (clip launcher) for live play with a touchscreen. Unfortunately, the size of the buttons is too small to be manipulated with a finger. I was looking around to increase it somehow, but this is not possible. What I found out only to increase the scaling of the whole program, but this just makes Ardour look terrible.

Is there a possible solution to this issue?

I’d appreciate your answer,

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Use an iPad or touchscreen and OSC control software such as TouchOSC? That would be my first thought at any rate, but haven’t tested it.

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Thanks Seablade. Yeah, that could be an option, but I’d rather use the touchscreen to manipulate objects directly instead of building a whole control surface to control the DAW. I’m looking into something like BitWig’s session view, where the buttons are fitting for a finger to manipulate them (as well as an options menu if tap-and-hold is initiated).

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