Change setting of a plugin in a MIDI track

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in a MIDI track, with a certain instrumental plugin, if at a certain point of the track I want to use the same plugin, but with a different setting, how can I do it?

In general I would like:

from point A to point B a plugin setting acts;
from B to C another setting of the same plugin;
…and so on.

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Automation (fill up to 20 chars).

Ok, so I have to learn, because as long as it comes to automating fader or pan, it’s easy. But to do what I wrote above, I wouldn’t know where to start.

Automation (“A” button) → Processor automation → Your plugin name → Required parameter.

Ok, thank you.
So there is no way to open the plugin GUI to set n settings in n different points of a MIDI track.
It would be very convenient something like this::


For example, if I want to set the x42-eq equalizer in other points of the track, if I understood correctly I can’t do it graphically but I have to set each value by hand.
[My workaround for now is to split the track into n tracks all with the same plugin but with different settings, but this way the tracks can become too numerous].


Edit → Show automation lane on touch. Touch the knob with mouse.
Then set automation to “write” or “touch” mode, record and play with the knob.

This is not the most resource-respective way to do things, but you can use multiple instances of x42-eq, each set to different values, and then enable/disable them at points in your track.

Interesting that the renaming of the plugin did not propagate to the automation drop-down tree :slight_smile:

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with x42-eq it works fine.
I’m trying to do the same thing using for example Surge XT and/or ZYN, but “enable” is missing from the automation menu, I should figure out which parameter corresponds to “enable”.


No expert on this, but thinking ahead, you’d probably be processing these sections differently later as well, so the sooner you separate them, the better, so separate midi tracks. You wouldn’t stick the saxophone and guitar on the same track. Same thing. I think the fact that you are using different patches in one plugin/instrument that is possibly clouding your judgment. And it seems that changing patches by CC is not available with Surge, from what I saw.

Quick and dirty:

  • Record to audio with setting A unril a couple of measures beyond transition point to setting B
  • Record setting B (audio or MIDI) into a new track from a couple of measures before transition
  • Automatize Faders for smooth (or accurate) transition

…not the most academic solution but usually gets the job done.

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