Change sample rate to 48khz

Hello ardour lovers !

I have a file at 44 khz but ardour does not want to open it, requesting 48khz files…

I remember that one year ago, I had the same pb and had changed some code inside a file of ardour (what i remember) after I browsed the web for a solution. But I cannot find it anymore and long for some solution.
I use fedora distribution with pipewire. since, there is no way to change sample rate from jack (with Qjackctl).

Thx for your help

I think it’s Alsa that I must reconfigure…

There are two possible solutions.
If you want to create a project at 44.1k, use the ALSA backend when you start Ardour, then Ardour will request exclusive use of the audio interface and set the correct sample rate.

If you want to create a project at 48k, but import an existing audio file with 44.1k rate, then select the option to copy the file when importing, and Ardour will convert the sample rate as it copies the file into the project.

There is also a utility to change Pipewire settings during runtime if you would like to use the pipewire routing abilities:
configure pipewire runtime settings

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