change presets quickly with up and down arrows?

is there a way to quickly change presets using up and down or next previous buttons? its not very fun at all to have to mouse click 100 times to go through 100 patches.

also, is there a way to select all plugins/hide all plugins so that i can then chose the ones i want to show and use rather then being forced to spend an hour hand selecting each plugin i want to hide.

it seems these little things are missing and because of this using ardour is a pain where it should be fun. also if ardour has no preset arrow buttons it makes others not want to share there user patches and destroys the ‘community’.

open the plugin manager (accessed by right clicking on the processor box). mark preferred plugins as “favorites” and/or non-preferred plugins as hidden.

you can use the keys to go up and down in the preset list once it is visible.

Paul, your answer is about quickly moving through the list of plugins, not the list of presets of a given plugin, which is what the OP was asking about. For something like a modular synthesizer VST, there might be 50+ knobs/switches to control the plugin, and these presets store the positions of those knobs/switches so you have a reference point to make changes from.

The fact that there is no keyboard shortcut for switching between presets is really a problem for me as well. When you click on the preset menu, it automatically centers you in the middle of the list of presets, meaning you’ve totally lost your place in the list of presets, making you have to scroll down possibly along time to get back to the preset immediately above the one you were just on.

Of course, this is not really an issue for people who are using Ardour just for post-production. But I like to mess around, moving from preset to preset quickly until I find a sound approximating what I want, and I want to be able to do this in real time to not break my “flow”. It would be even better if this preset-switching could be one-click automated as one can do for individual parameters. As it is, it’s easier to switch between plugins than it is to switch between presets in a plugin, which means it’s not really suitable for my use case.

I don’t view this as an esoteric feature. It’s in Reaper and many other DAWs, just not Ardour.