Change font size in ardour2

Hi at all from Germany,

I often searched the possibilty to change the font size of ardour2. I’m actually working with ardour 2.8.6 (ubuntustudio) and my resolution is 1680x1050.
IMHO Ardour2 out of the box looks “too big” in font size. So here is a workaround:

Find your ardour.rc - usually located in ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc - and open it with your editor. Find the line looking like this:
< Option name=“font-scale” value=“102400”/> (Space inserted at 2nd character because of restrictions)

I have edited it to:
< Option name=“font-scale” value=“70000”/> (Space inserted at 2nd character because of restrictions)

And it totally fits to my resolution.

So have fun with ardour.


Your workaround is rather useless, since font scale can be directly changed from the Options window, without manually modifying ardour.rc. :slight_smile:

Oh, I never found that option. But thanks for that hint.

I often looked around on the internet for changing the font size but I always found people having the same problem with no solution.


@dtk: we have no control over the actual pixel size of a given font (e.g. “Sans 10”) in various Linux distributions. Its therefore impossible for us to know how wide the editor window will be, because its size is affected by the actual pixel size of the font in use.

The font scale option in the preferences dialog has been in place for 3-4 years.

@interferon and @paul,

I have the distinct feeling that I am about to learn something, but I am with dtk here. Even with the clue from interferon that I should look on the options window, or the alternative from paul that I should look on the preferences dialog, I still do not see a font size or font scale option. I’m using 2.8.11 on Mac OS 10.6.5, and have no complaints about the font, but am still curious. Can you provide a a bit more detail for the hunt?



@jdpyindynet: if you are on OS X. there is no font scaling option there - there is no mechanism in Cocoa to do this (at least not in any sane fashion; under GTK on X, its just a single variable that can be modified to scale almost all fonts in an application).