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I’ve installed Ardour 3 several years ago on UbuntuStudio 15.4. While on my laptop there are several partitions and UbuntuStudio one is not big I’ve choosen somehow to locate all recordings data on another (huge!) partition with SparkyLinux (Debian Testing Distro).
Now I’ve newly installed a new SparkyLinux on that partition and I cannot start a new Session with Ardour; it says
Impossible charge Session "/media/USER/a1ee9110-59e2-4382-bb30-aa5b23a7f97b/home/ste/ardour-cartella/NewSession"
It’s obvious, I’ve no a1ee9110-59el2-4382-bb30-aa5b23a7f97b partition more.
But where can I tell Ardour to search in the new partition 83d6d73d-ff7d-406d-9d0a-4bd3bc720c2c?

Post Scriptum: But I can start a old project from USBkey or if I copy it in UbuntuStudio partition

How can I change the location of the default Ardour folder?

Ardour 3 is of course ancient but if it works for you then fine.

Check if you have a ~/.config/ardour3 directory or possibly something like ~/.ardour or ~/.ardour3 .
If you run grep -R a1ee9110-59e2 * in that directory you should find which file to edit.

For ardour 5/6 it’s ~/.config/ardour5[6]/config and the line <Option name="default-session-parent-dir"

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Actually I HIGHLY recommend it NOT work for you. In fact IIRC many versions of A3 had a bug that could cause permanent data loss in sessions.

It is beyond recommended you update to a newer version of Ardour.

Beyond that everything @peder said works fine. Can’t remember if there is a UI way to modify this, I suspect there is in Preferences somewhere.

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