Change color of menu text or background

Hi all,

I installed ardour2beta5.1 yesterday,and all seems to be working ok.
The problem is that the menu text is unreadable.

It is white on “nearly white” so it doesn’t stand out.

I’m running slackware and that doesn’t have a complete gnome
installed, only GTK. So there is no tool for setting the colors
of text/background of the GTK menus.

Can someone tell me how to change the colors to my needs
in this situation ?

Thanks for reading…


Ed – I have similar display issues. I haven’t found a solution yet, but it seems that there are some dependencies out of whack in certain distros.

I’m running FC4 with PlanetCCRMA, and Ardour2 on my machine does not look like the “standard” screen shots some users have shown me.

I was able to make a couple things better (button appearance) by manually installing ClearLooks. It still didn’t fix my “contrast” issues (like yours).

In my case, the menus are OK, but the dialogs often have black text on black fields, and my Editor window track names are unreadable until I physically select the text in the box.

Also, you mention white menu backgrounds – I have this too, and was told (and shown) that there really isn’t any “white” in the default color scheme. The screen shot I saw showed a really nice grey where my screen shows stark white…

Here’s a link to my screenshot:

That’s before the manual install of ClearLooks, which rounded the buttons, and smoothed some other items.

Maybe there are some other “display” dependencies that you and I need to clean up.

Hi funkmuffin,

I found an app. called “gtk2_prefs” that does it.
It gives just a choice in gtk-themes that are installed.
( so, i can’t set colors separately ).

The app. i found here :

Somewhere down the page there’s a download.

Slackware has no gnome but there is xfce which has some gtk2 themes so i could pick one of them.

btw. there are more theme-switchers for gtk but i tried just this one.

Here’s a snapshot ( 2-screen xinerama setup):

That’s the Xfce-smooth theme.
The areas that are white in your screenshot are darker here.
( i like it )

I think it’s clear. I found a lot that i didn’t see before :slight_smile:

I’m gonna look at some other themes later and also try Clearlooks.
First do some learning on how to use Ardour.

Thanks for the reply,


preferred: clearlooks …

and by “clearlooks” we mean the actual clearlooks, not the version several distros have butchered. just today, someone on #ardour solved this issue by installing the “real” clearlooks - all his problems went away.

Well…i guess you mean the Clearlooks you can find at
sourceforge. ( )

I installed that one and it makes the buttons look
much better. ( …also for all other gtk2-apps. )

So…problem solved.